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Change of Command
USS Sand Lance
22 January 1974
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This is our Captain Changing Command of the Sub to his replacement
Captain Bill Kennington to Captain Bob Bovey - 1974
Credit to CDR. Jim Elfelt, U.S. Navy Ret.
Extract from original e-mail follows:

When these were taken, I was a newly reported LTJG who had been assigned to be in charge of
planning and organizing the change of command ceremony.  That included arranging for the
photographer and ordering extra prints afterward.  These are the copies I kept for myself.
Note that this is the "old style" plaque for Squadron 4.  The sub in profile is a fleet boat, not an SSN.
It was the only plaque on board, so we used it. The design was changed shortly
thereafter to show an SSN.
The guys at parade rest behind the guests were the ushers.  I think I'm the one at the far right, and
it looks like STS2(SS) Gene Mion standing next to me.  I'm not sure about the others.
"SUBRON FOUR, arriving."  From L to R: CAPT Stan Anderson, LCDR Don Lachata, CDR Bob
Bovey, CDR Bill Kennington, LCDR Sandy Hastie
"I relieve you sir"
Award presentation to CDR Kennington.